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Last year Giving Magazine's digital launch edition reached millions of philanthropists, in 44 countries, but we knew we could do more. We knew we had to do more, as our growing readership worldwide was migrating to mobile for their news and, well, everything else. An immediate pivot was required or we’d be so yesterday. And we couldn’t have that.

Desire met opportunity and Giving Magazine teamed up with Facebook Instant Articles, making our social ambition not only possible but also transforming.

All we needed was an unlimited number of great impact stories. And we knew where to get them – from our global network of causes, foundations, social businesses, associations, CSR companies, donor-advised funds, individual social investors, thought leaders and influencers.

In other words – we’d attract these fabulous stories from leaders like you.

Join Us - Today

As a Founding Member* you’ll get an unlimited number of your stories streamed into the Facebook mobile newsfeed, across the globe, under the Giving Magazine brand.

For a limited time ONLY, the first to Join by 2 August will receive a Lifetime Founding Membership for a one-time fee of $100

Your fee will support our capacity to help you tell your stories to the world, remodeling those press releases of mission and achievement that are regularly sent to the media (but rarely published) into must-read, new-style, mobile streaming articles.

That’s good for you and good, ultimately, for philanthropy worldwide.

And since we are not limited to the number of stories we can publish each day in the Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant Articles newsfeed, we are also not limited to the number of Founding Members worldwide we can welcome into our mobile, media powerhouse. The more the merrier. Our technology accommodates them all, with stories algorithmically streamed into the Facebook newsfeed, and delivered to those who are predisposed to certain themes, topics and ideas. This is the future of mobile media, individually bespoke and strategic, driven by the interests and passions of the reader.

How it Works

Facebook has developed the new “Instant Articles” which distributes a publisher’s branded stories instantly in its mobile newsfeed.  No more waiting time while a news site loads. Just tap when you see the lightening bolt image in the upper right hand corner of an Instant Article and ‘ta da’, it’s there.

Facebook’s extensive testing proves that its 1.5 billion+ mobile users spend considerable time with Instant Articles, time that could easily be spent with your stories.

Giving Magazine joins a host of vetted publishers who have joined Facebook Instant Articles, including BBC News, The Washington Post, Tech Crunch, The New York Times and other  global brands. Honored to be part of this innovation, Giving Magazine will deliver every kind of social impact story across all categories, and country regions, including our own original, in-house reporting.

So, if you want to get your stories published under our trusted brand

Join Us as a Founding Member

Once you enroll and create your stories, our editors read them and, when accepted, schedule their release into the Giving Magazine + Facebook Instant Articles newsfeed.

Join us today as a Founding Member* here. Tell your stories to the world, and become an integral part of a global media force to advance the greater good for everyone, everywhere.

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Roberta d’Eustachio
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*Note: Our Founding Member Offer - a one-time/life time fee of $100, expires on 2 August. After that, fees will increase and be billed on an annual basis.